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There is a solution if you’re not a great writer…


Everywhere you look online, the advice of the “gurus” is to create
your own content. You need articles for your website, blog and
newsletter, special reports and mini-courses to grow your mailing list,
and your own product line including ebooks and audios.

That’s an overwhelming amount of content if you’re not a great writer!

What usually ends up happening is people spend months working on
just one ebook. Or they spend hundreds of dollars to have it written
for them by a professional writer.

Neither of these are great solutions. If you want to be successful online
you have to be able to complete content quickly and inexpensively.

That’s why I’m so excited about PLRWholesaler…


It doesn’t cost anything to join and you get an unbelievable
amount of free content. Take just a fraction of it and combine
it to create your own ebook. Or use the articles individually
for your website, blog or newsletter.

Using this content is quite simply the best way to get affordable
content quickly. Within hours you can have your own product
line put together and ready to start making you money.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Join PLRWholesaler today…


To Your Success,

zaki joseph


Make You Money Whenever You Want Or Need It

Hello friend,

Every person who runs across your site has a secret desire. They
want the benefits of what you’re offering, but (here’s a
shocker) they really don’t want to do much to get those benefits.

The most persuasive and profitable product offers are the ones
that make people feel as though they don’t have to do much work
to get all the benefits your letter promises.

In other words if you make your product offers sound too
complicated you’ll lose most of the orders you could have had.

I’m saying that you should explain your offer in rather
simplistic terms that don’t scare away potential buyers.

You should always look to make your products and services as
push-buttons as you possibly can.

That’s especially important with software programs.

No one really cares how your product works. They just want to
know that it does work and how they don’t have to do much to get
the benefits your product was promised to deliver.

For the most part people are very insecure about their
abilities. Even when you show them proof that other people have
done exactly what you’re showing them how to do… Most people
still hesitate because they don’t believe they can do it.

In other words… you need to put together “systems” people can
just plug into and get results from.

Most people don’t want to know how to do something. They want
someone who does know how to do something to do it for them so
they can either promote your something as an affiliate or buy
the rights to your something and sell it without having to put
in any real work.

Understand this � =>

If you have the time and you’re willing to do something
constructive you will always be in a position to make money from
people who want the benefits of doing something without actually
having to put in any real work.

That will always be true.

What does that all mean as far as making money?

To continue with my earlier train of thought, I created a
special report that shows you how to take autoresponder courses
you create and get other people to flood those course with
subscribers, but as I’ve said, people don’t want to know how to
do that.

What they actually want is for me or you to create a “system”
where they can buy the rights to an autoresponder course that is
already set up so they can use the technique I outline to get
other people to flood that course with subscribers for them so
they don’t really have to do much. They want the benefits of
using the technique without taking any of the time and effort to
learn it and set it up for themselves.

Think about that.

For the most part, people complain about FREE detailed
instructions on something that actually produces results with a
little effort but they would gladly pay $100-$200 or more for a
system that uses the very same technique they could have created
themselves for free.

Some of that is laziness but mostly it’s due to the fact that
many people work hard at 9-5 jobs, have a family and other
obligations that take up most of the time they would need to put
various techniques and strategies they learn into action for

Both types of people will gladly pay for something that’s
already done for them so if you’re willing to put in a little
work for those people you can make as much money as you want.

Some people make obscene amounts of money by doing what I just
talked about. They trade a few weeks worth of work for
$40,000-$50,000+ in bankable profits.

Allen Says of “The Internet Marketing Warriors” wrote something
about it in one of his reports along the lines of �

“Any solution you come up with that makes it easy on people has
a 100% better chance of selling than anything that requires them
to work. The majority of people want things already done, and
they will pay top dollar to have it done for them.”

Always keep your brain asking questions. Whenever you learn how
to do something, ask yourself and find out if there’s a market
of people who would pay to have that done for them. You might
not always be able to come up with something good but sometimes
you will.


zaki joseph

The Easy Way To Find Money


I’m not much of a fan of working hard. I’ll do it, but only if I
don’t have a choice. That being said, I find myself working
surprisingly hard trying to find the easiest ways to do things
and that’s the reason I put this report together.

To save you some of the time and effort I’ve put into working
hard to be lazy and still make money online.

What I’ve found is that even though you may know at least as
much as some of your biggest competitors about making money, the
reason you may not bank the kind of sales figures they do has a
lot to do with a massive amount of leverage.

Leverage is when you can put the efforts of 100’s or even
1,000’s of other people behind you so they can help push you
forward to do things you couldn’t do on your own.

Think about it.

When was the last time you got an email from a “guru” about his
latest product and didn’t get at least ten other messages from
that “guru’s” affiliates telling you about the exact same

Am I telling you to create your own product and start an
affiliate program?


That’s too much work.

What I want you to understand is that many of your more
successful competitors understand something that guides most of
the actions they take in business.

What’s that?


Why work hard by yourself when you can get other people to work
hard for you as well?

How does that mindset apply to you?


You should never do anything online that doesn’t multiply your
efforts on a project even after you stop putting any of your
time and energy into it. Your time is limited to 24 hours in a
day but 100’s of people can put thousands of combined hours into
promoting you.


The basic idea…

If someone is running full speed at you, is it easier to stand
your ground and try to stop them when they run into you or get
behind them and push them forward?

Since they’re already moving forward, it only makes sense that
you’d have an easier and less painful time pushing them in the
direction they’re already headed in.

Your friend and partner,

zaki joseph


Truth About Content Writing!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about Private Label Rights (PLR) content. I used to think that it was only for lazy people who didn’t want to do their own writing. But as I learn more, I’ve come up with lots of great ways I can use PLR in my own business.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PLR is content that you get from the original author along with their permission to use it as your own. So you can get a great report, put your name on it and have your own product to sell or give away!

The first couple of products I created using PLR only took me about half an hour. There have been a few sales so far from them so that was definitely time well spent.

When searching for PLR content to use, I found there were a lot of different types of sites available. Some offered monthly memberships and others offered just one time purchases. So be sure to look around before you decide where to buy.

The site I found that was by far the best was PLRWholesaler. Not only do they have an unbelievable amount of content, but it’s completely FREE. Most sites charge an arm and a leg for the amount of content that this guy is giving away.

And although I haven’t been through everything yet, what I have read is very good quality. It’s stuff you would actually want to use as your own.


Since it’s free, I highly recommend that you check out PLRWholesaler and see if they have anything that you can use in your business. There just may be an ebook or audio recording that you could quickly brand with your information and start selling to your list.

Check it out and let me know what you think…


To your success,

zaki joseph

The Best Kept Success Secret!

The Best Kept Success Secret!

Hello friend,

It’s time you understand that the absolute easiest and most
profitable way to get things done in business is to get help.

It’s all about the contacts you make.

Trying to make it alone and fighting against the odds is what
you’ve been taught, but it’s wrong. You need help.

How often do you take the time to build relationships online?

The answer to that question will determine how far you get.

I constantly search out new friends and business associates
because I know that there will come a time when I will need or
want their help and vice versa.

When you actively seek out relationships with others in your
market you automatically open yourself up to opportunities that
the average businessperson would easily miss because they’re out
of the loop.


There are a lot of products I didn’t have to buy because their
creators who happen to be friends of mine gave me access so that
I could help them with any design and marketing strategy
questions they had. I have over 15 gigs worth of various digital
products I got free.

This also puts me in a position to work with these same
marketers on future projects, which is always a good position to
be in.

Joint Ventures are extremely easy to get going because I can
always contact the people I’ve worked with in the past to do
more deals. Having to constantly search out new people to work
with costs you time that you could have been using to make money.

Setting up joint ventures is just a simple matter of sending out
a few emails to people who are already used to hearing from me.

There are many services that others routinely pay for that I get
for free or at a deeply discounted price because of the contacts
I’ve established over the years.

That’s why they’ll sometimes perform services for me without the
need for money exchanging hands. They know that when my area of
expertise is needed… I’ll gladly help.

The right relationships mean more money. Having contacts just
for the sake of having them is worthless. You need to make the
*right* contacts. You need to build relationships with people
who can help you get to where you want to be.

But… in order to do that you must have something valuable to
offer in return. There’s only so much a friend will help you do.
You will need to offer a valuable service in return for the one
you want from your contact. That’s just the way it works.

If you don’t have the money to get things done then you need to
get creative. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Search
for people who know how to do what you want done and strike up a
conversation with them.

There are actually people out there who love to create products,
but don’t care too much for marketing and people who love
marketing and don’t care much for creating products.

There are things that you do that other people either don’t know
how to or care to do on their own. This is where you step in and
form a mutually beneficial relationship.

An added benefit of making the *right* contacts is that even if
you can’t find someone to do what you need done for free, some
of your contacts will know where to get quality work done
through “hidden” channels at prices not revealed to just anyone.

You have to be on the “inside” to get this kind of info.


You’ve got to get it out of your head that everyone is your
competitor because competition is not really an issue once you
understand that if you’re willing to go above and beyond what
everyone else is willing to do for their customers, competition
is extremely light.

Bottom line: Once you have good contacts in place you can easily
get projects off the ground while those who are trying to do
everything themselves struggle for months if not years.

It’s the difference between having to spend $1,000 to get
something done and having your contacts offer to do the exact
same work for almost nothing. I guess it really comes down to
one question… “Do you want to put yourself ahead of the


zaki joseph


*TIME SENSITIVE OFFER* 7 Paid-For Internet Marketing Reports !

*TIME SENSITIVE OFFER* 7 Paid-For Internet Marketing Reports !


If you feel you’ve been messing around on the web
for too long jumping from one opportunity to the
next and are simply confused by all the random
information out there about getting your online
business started then STOP!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get everything
you needed to know from one place?

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was laid out
clearly for you and organized like a little
library so you can pick out information and take
what you need?

And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to
fork out $47 per product when really you should
be the one making money, not losing it?

In a rush?…


For a limited time you’ll be able to get your
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major aspects of online marketing including…

Getting tons of traffic with search engine

Making fast cash with private label rights

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Set and forget advertising with viral traffic

Reaping the free traffic from social media

Tapping into strategic profits with joint ventures

Writing your own paychecks with blogs

plus so much more!…

These products are currently selling for $47 each
but for a feedback purposes you’ll get access to
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Your partner is success,

zaki joseph

The Biggest Free PLR content site with absolutely everything !

Well as you guys no doubt know, to really succeed with our internet marketing careers, we need to have great digital products that convert all of our qualified leads into real, cash-paying customers.  For many people, coming up with products will involve them creating them on their own, or it may involve them commissioning other professionals to do the hard work for them.

Chances are though, like most smart internet marketers, you probably want to save a whole lot of time and money.  After all, if you were to create your own e-book for instance, expect to spend tens of hours doing the research you need, and then writing the book itself – and that’s if you’re only semi-decent at writing.  If you’re a good writer, it will still take you hours and hours and if you’re terrible, well, forget it, because your e-book won’t sell!

Now, you certainly won’t go wrong by hiring a good writer to create a really good e-book, but think about how much a good writer is going to cost you.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on getting visitors to your site so you can make more money?

I’m pretty sure, like me, you’re always looking for ways to save time and money on your internet marketing business.  I’ll easily spend hours each week just reading up on the latest internet marketing happenings and news, in the endless search of improving the way I do business.  In my latest search, I came across a really unique website, that’s well worth you checking out if you are serious about time and money saving:

Now the name is pretty self-explanatory.  This site was created by an internet marketer for internet marketers, and it’s a one-stop shop for PLR material.  E-books, reports, training videos, e-courses – you name it!

The really wonderful thing about this site though is that membership is free.  You can sign up as a VIP Member, which won’t cost you a cent, and you can download a huge amount of PLR material for free!

You can sell that material yourself as part of your own internet marketing business, and of course, you can change any part of the product to suit your target audience.

Don’t be put off by the free part either, in terms of the quality of the material that’s on offer, because I’ve downloaded the free PLR stuff myself and it’s of a really high quality.

I’ve paid plenty of writers in my time to create digital products, and I can honestly say that the quality of this material is just as good, if not better – without me having to pay the money I would pay a writer.

In addition to the free PLR material you can download as VIP Member, you can also access heaps of great information about how to improve your internet marketing business.

You also have the option of paying a small one-time fee to become a Full Member of the site, and that will entitle you to even more fantastic PLR products to download and sell, plus you can become an affiliate of the PLR Wholesaler website itself, and receive a great commission whenever somebody you refer signs up as a Full Member.

Regardless of whether you’re a paying member or not, you will have access to a regular e-newsletter that gets sent out, and if the testimonials are anything to go by, it’s definitely one e-newsletter that’s worth your while.

I can vouch for that too, and I am a real pro when it comes to deleting emails that bore me!

So, please do me a favor and join now – this is a site that’s definitely worth your time regardless of your level of experience in internet marketing, so visit it now at:

I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time, may you keep on selling!

Your partner in success,

zaki joseph