Create Money-Making WP Blogs with Azon WP Theme!


Azon WP theme will allow you to add Amazon affiliate products as well as content into your WordPress blogs. If you have been building Amazon niche WP blogs but you felt that it is too time consuming to get up and running, this theme will take care of everything for you. This is an excellent way to get money-making niches blogs set up more easily and quickly.


With Azon WP theme, you can conveniently create affiliate links for Amazon in just seconds and you can do it all in the post editing page of your WP blogs. You get to choose between image links, text links or product information block and whatever you feel would fit the most in your blog.

One of the things that make it even more impressive than other WP themes is that affiliate links can be modified based on the location of the visitor of your site. Visitors from other country are more likely to buy when you give them links to their main Amazon sites. As a result, you will be able to drive more traffic as these visitors are more than willing to buy through your Amazon affiliate links.

It has never been easy to get Amazon affiliate links using this new theme from WP as it can be accomplished in few easy steps. All that’s needed to do is search for products according to keywords and decide on the type of affiliate links that you want to be displayed on you blog then hit the Insert Affiliate Link button. Sooner than you realize, your blog is already generating income for you.


Affiliates who have used Azon WP theme for their WordPress blogs have found great and amazing results so they are totally forgetting about those old and useless themes they have used in the past. It simply takes out much of the things needed to do to design and customize their blogs. The richness of features will provide you hundreds of customization options so you can decide on the design that will surely fit your blog and the kind of affiliate products you are selling in your site. You will also find it easier to incorporate links and images into your blogs using this theme.

Azon WP theme is not just another WP theme because when it comes to features, ease of installation and use, it will give you an edge over the other affiliates so you can earn more commission.

Get the edge now


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