The Entrepreneur!

There’s definitely an interesting relationship between an entrepreneur and an opportunity seeker.
The opp seeker is one who gets involved with a business because of all the hype and money they truly thought they could earn without necessarily doing much to earn it.
They’re not providing value to someone else, they’re not entrenching themselves with knowledge and education.  They saw the white board and the fancy flip chart of how much money they could earn by getting 2 who get 2, etc…
They got involved thinking they’d magically get rich even though they have no idea of how to build a business or marketing in general.
The Entrepreneur:
The entrepreneur understands business…they understand marketing or seek understanding and knowledge constantly.
They’re constantly learning and studying.
They’re seeking mentors to study and learn from.  They understand that applied knowledge will ultimately create success.
They’re providing value to others.
They’re problem solvers.
They understand that the most successful businesses are built with a firm foundation on sound marketing principles.  They’re not seeking a get rich quick scheme – and they understand businesses aren’t build by “chasing” others.
At the end of the day, the entrepreneur will win and they understand this.  They’re the ones who will create wealth…not overnight, but it will take place.  It’s only a matter of time.
The entrepreneur has an entirely different mindset.  They understand that they simply have a manufacturer of products/services that they’ve chosen to market.  They understand that if the manufacturer went out of business tomorrow…they can go anywhere they want and rock the house.
Are you an opportunity seeker or an entrepreneur?
Never stop learning.  Never stop studying.  Find a mentor…study him/her and follow that person as though you’re a shadow.  It will reward you kindly throughout your business journeys.  Regardless of what you’re marketing or what company you’re involved with.
I’m committed to your success,
Zaki joseph

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