A Helping Hand


Tomorrow is created by what you do today.

So it only follows that if you want the future to change, today must change.

If today, you do your very best – that sets up a tomorrow full of the
very best potential.

When that tomorrow turns into today, filled with that very best potential,
and you do your very best to maximize that full potential, that sets up a
tomorrow full of very good promise as well.

Let’s look back 5-10 years ago. Look at what you wanted then. If you only had this or that, life would be so much better you thought. Chances are you have that this or that now, but you still want more.

When we get that “it”, “it” fades into the background and our desires change once again.

It’s a cycle that not a lot of people can break themselves out of.

Now all this brings up an interesting question.

Isn’t that what’s driving us?

Making our life better? A Helping Hand

The desire to improve our lives is very intense in the beginning but once we have what we need, following this path is akin to running in a hamster wheel.

It will never end.


So somewhere along the line (and this point in time will be different for us all depending on the individual), your desire must shift from solely focusing on making your own life better, to focusing on making the lives of others better.

Once you’ve shifted your main focus, you’ll soon discover that in helping other people’s lives get better, your life gets better in a way that no other “thing” can ever hope to imitate.

And when this becomes consistent – lookout.


A future that looks brighter and brighter with each passing glorious day.


zaki joseph

About pink3lite

I am very much interested in blogs to learn other peoples thoughts and their views. I love sharing my ideas and thoughts with others too. It has influenced me as a human being and I love to tell others what I've in mind.

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