Listen, I am one of those persons who listens instead of talks all the time. I have to have something to say before I speak and believe that my words will not fall on deaf ears. I am the quiet one. But I am also the observant one. I was born this way. I believe that you have to be careful what you say, whether verbally or in print because once you release that energy you can’t take it back. Sorry, doesn’t cut it. Enough of this.


Have you ever heard the saying, “Never send a boy to do a man’s job”. I use this paraphrase to say anyone who is not motivated. Get your butt in gear. NO ONE CAN MOTIVATE YOU BETTER THAN YOU CAN MOTIVATE YOURSELF. I know at times it gets hard especially if you are sincere and really want something better out of life. Just remember MOVE IT, move it and you willl see that whatever that was that had you in a slump does not own you, you are the only one that controls you unless you give that ownership away. The mind is not only beautiful it is extremely powerful and aggressive. It will make you or break you. Just remember you are the one in charge.


Once you have gotten past this state of presence because that is exactly what it is, try and figure out how you can better find your way to where you want to be. If it means spending money to try something new. Do that. Learning new techniques. Find a master. The blind can’t lead the blind. Although many try, the world is full of would be leaders.


Above all, take a step back and become more observant. You can learn something even from a baby.


Having opened my mouth I hope I did’t offend anyone. If I have I did not intend to. I came here with a smile, I was told and it is a part of me. All of us must smile more and never be afraid to be yourself, whoever that may be.


You are all beautiful. May your day and every day moving forward, have new and great beginnings.


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